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Welcome To Aven!

Plant Bullet by LiticaHarmonyWelcome to Aven! Plant Bullet by LiticaHarmony

This is the home of the closed species "Cumiculi"!

This group is going to be centered around the exploration of Aven by it's inhabitants! There will be interactive story-based events, roleplay, art, contests, and more~
As we unveil the secrets of this world, more creatures, traits, and opportunities will be unlocked.

Cumiculus Mascot Chibi: Lumas Arbitrium by Vulture-Horticulture

Plant Bullet by LiticaHarmonyF.A.Q. Plant Bullet by LiticaHarmony

Q: Can anyone become a member?
A: Absolutely! All join requests are automatically approved

Q: Can I make my own Cumiculus?
A: Not unless you've bought or earned a MYO slot~

Q: How can I get a Cumiculus?
A: The admins will be selling adoptables, but there will also be some chances to earn or buy MYO slots or custom designs, and occasional design raffles and DTA's!

Q: Can I sell or trade my Cumiculus?
A: Check here for the group rules!

What's your favorite type of Cumiculus? 

11 deviants said Bat
8 deviants said I honestly can't decide
5 deviants said Hybrid
4 deviants said Bird
4 deviants said Bug

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